Outfit Of The Week Churchill Approved

In 2018 I hope to really upgrade the fashion for y’all to (hundred, thousand, trillion) In My Kanye Voice. So let’s start with the Winston Box. They were gracious enough to send me a second box to start off my new year fresh.

Let’s talk about consistency its been four months shy of a whole year I’ve been working with the crew over at the Winston Box and they’ve been nothing but that consistent.

Speaking Of Consistency I’m making a declaration to the world. 2018 is the year I take care of this body I got. I’m writing this post as (fight my way off the bathroom floor) in My Annalise Keating voice I literally get up off the bathroom floor and the pain of throwing up hurt so bad I said A prayer and said I will take care of this body if you make this stop.  My first challenge is to stop eating fry foods for 30 days.



Cardigan: The Winston Box (Sponsored)

Polo: Bad Rhino (Sponsored)

Joggers: Plugg (Burlington Coat Factory)

Shoes: H&M


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