Were Celebrating Fathers Day In A Big Way

Were Celebrating Fathers Day In A Big Way

Good Morning now that you have lifted up your Mothers yesterday. Lets start planning something special for your birth fathers and/or earth fathers. NO TIES ALLOWED.  I had the pleasure of shooting Michael Tatonetti and two of his four children and my god was it a blessing. Watching the level of love and patience he was showcasing was impressive.

As a child that grew up without a Father most of my life it was truly touching. There were moment where I wanted to cry and most times, every time for that fact when I see a dope ass father being the best dad he know-how. So to honor the men that are out there doing their best they can. Were looking to upgrade you. I’m going to run a Fathers Day Special $45 Dad & Me Shoot. I know men we aren’t usually the one in front of the camera but I wanna change that this year.

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