Hey Bitch 

Hey Bitch

So my best friend was listening to this podcast with these five women and they were talking about the disrespectful ways men try to talk to them. One of the women proceeds to say that she was walking down the street I believe she lives in New York if I’m not mistaken and the guy said hey bitch what’s up.

When I heard that part the hey bitch part I literally stopped working ran to the other part of the office to ask her what was she listening to. It literally blew my mind to the point that I felt like I needed to write this article. Fellas it is never ever ever ever appropriate to approach a woman and say a bitch let me talk to you. You see no matter what your end goal is whether you just looking to smash or looking for a cutty buddy or you’re looking for a wife. Its never going to get a woman’s attention by saying hey bitch.

Respect is given even to a dog, therefore, it should be given to a woman let alone a woman that you’re trying to interact with.  Let’s do better if this guy is your homeboy, friend and/or family member tell him its unacceptable on all levels.


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